Technology, Leadership, and Ethnic Studies

Advanced Users

If you are reading this, it means that you completed your homework, and finished your Middle Passage map. That means you are a very advanced student, congratulations! There are three assignments to do online in the time you have left.

1. Go to Go to your map. Complete the map for the entire Atlantic Slave Trade like the notes on assignment #32. In other words, add a marker to Europe, an explanation of what happened there, and two more paths. Call me over in class for details!

2. Go to Log in. Write a text entry answering this question: What tips would you give other students about how to succeed in technology class? In other words, what did you do that helped you get to where you are.

3. Go to Follow the directions on how to add comments to your Tumblr blog. Call me over to get started.



  aross wrote @

.Alwase read over the question

.look back on your work papers

.answer each question carfully.

  robert nolen wrote @

I would tell them take notes then quiz themselves without looking at your notes

  lexander Martin wrote @

People that can I make a website for is a website where you can tell the world about your friendships, your friends personalities, videos and comments about your friends. Look at others friends and what there like. Simlpe and easy to use. You can also communicate wiith your friends.

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